Choosing a Business Associate

Richard Maize Tips to Choosing a Business Associate


Do a quick search on Google and get an idea who you are dealing with – Before recently, we didn’t have access to the internet and have the availability of the web.  So, a simple search can go a long way certainly for a discussion with your prospective client/associate.


Don’t get blinded by the prospective money that can be earned – This is the biggest faux pa.  Those that are aggressive in business will overlook some signs of “not this guy” looking at you in exchange for a smooth talking person with million dollar ideas.  Use your gut and not your pocketbook when analyzing your decision.


You are who you deal with – make sure you are comfortable with your decision as you are perceived by the public by who you do business with.


Make sure your associate shares to some degree your views in simple aspects as charity givings.  You can tell a lot about a person as to what he gives in both time and money.


Play Golf with him (or her) – If your new prospective associate plays golf, take him or her out.  The way this honor game is played speaks volumes about a person.


Prospective Client – This is#2 above.  There is no amount of money you can earn in one or two transactions by dealing with a bad guy doing something you normally wouldn’t do just for that buck.  It is so easy to fall in this trap by a smooth talking person and your financial pressure at home.  DON’T DO IT.  Big dollars and put your head in the sand can bite you big time.


Use your Gut – if you let your instincts flow freely without you talking yourself into something you normally wouldn’t, 9 times out of 10, you will be correct in the course of action to take before you do something.  Stop and think about what you are about to do without jumping into it.  Take a step back and look at it and what the ramifications are.  For every action you take, there is an affect.  Just be cautious.