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As the spokesperson on  ”the business channel” and on channel 9 news with alan medelson, I have been asked about all types of business situations.  As of recent times, business is changing in way people do research and quickness markets react to business influences in different fields.  For example, when I started doing business as a mortgage originator in the late 80s, I would receive a rate sheet of the rates for that week.  There were just 3 types of loans; a 30 year fixed, a 15 year fixed and an adjustable one year loan.  The rates were based on an index over the 30 year treasury bond which moved very slowly back then.  a big move in the stock market was 50 points.     Compared to now, where rates can change every 30 minutes with large fluctuations in the 10 year treasuries (the new index for the long term rates).  If the stock market went up or down 30 points, a news person discussing that days market conditions, might say the market was relatively flat today.


The sophisticated stock investor using updated tools can profit on the wide shifts of the market going up and down using old techniques such as straddles to take advantage of the market moving up or down.  shorts and longs as the programs can register you as a long player or short player.


What is a good investment in todays environment especially in the long recession we are experiencing?  A billionaire before it was common place to be in the billion dollar club, was asked about his secret for success.   He simply says, “I buy when people need to sell and I sell when the world wants to buy.”  that is easy to understand; but very difficult to follow.   It is very difficult to sell a property in a bull market when everyone was jumping in and your property is appreciating monthly.   But, the general philosophy is sound.  don’t try to get the last dollar or try to bottom pick any market.

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