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Richard Maize, a well-respected real estate and business professional with over thirty years of expertise

Entrepreneur and investor in real estate for more than 30 years, Richard Maize is also a well-known philanthropist in the LA region.

As the chief officers of the Rochelle and Richard Maize Foundation, He and his wife work with a range of charitable and non-profit organizations focused on youth education and development, family services and social welfare, and culture and arts.

Educational Skills

Maize graduated from California University Northridge in Northridge, where he started his long-running career in real estate. While he was enrolled in classes in Northridge, Maize bought his first property in real estate. At the time Maize was 28, He owned over 1000 apartments. He later joined forces to create a well-known mortgage bank.

Business Skills

Business Skills

Richard Maize is a real-estate businessman who has earned an enviable reputation for his intelligent business investment. At the age of thirty, Maize had already accumulated 1000 apartment units. The property he owns is in twenty states.

International scene

International Scene

On the international scene, Richard Maize and his wife have also provided substantial assistance for Israeli establishments and initiatives, including Sheba Medical Center, which offers life-saving medical treatment and research and education in Tel Aviv.

01. Helping Nature

The Rochelle and Richard Maize Foundation has made substantial financial and other donations to charities like The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and Share 4 Children (Share Inc.) that aid vulnerable and neglected children and people with developmental disabilities.

This foundation has been a major patron of mentoring and education initiatives to help disadvantaged children.

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02. Successful Entrepreneur

A real estate investor and a successful entrepreneur, he’s always volunteered his time and experience to help others reach their own goals.

The foundation they founded, Richard Maize and his wife, are focused on funding arts and culture programs and environmental sustainability, health initiatives and other causes that help the development of youth, education, and mentorship.

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03. Charitable Organizations

The foundation is in close contact with leaders from many communities-building and charitable organizations to determine the most impactful funding requirements.

Its clients include the American Cancer Society, the Los Angeles Police Foundation, Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and the Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors are among the many beneficiaries of the foundation’s help.

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